Saturday, April 12, 2008

Leave No Trace

When we are camping, we are always told to leave everything as though we had never been there. We always take a bag a clean up our camp area before we leave, sadly, often leaving it cleaner than when we arrived.

I took a picture of the desert near Borrego Springs, CA and enhanced the color. I then extended the horizon with similar fabric. After slashing and inserting strips, I collaged several "found" items - bottle tops, corks, Cal Trans fencing and some odds and ends.

1 comment:

Carole said...

Must be the Canadian in me, but this looks like the end of my street in the winter after the kids have been playing street hockey.........hehehe
However, having been where you would have taken this photo... added what you did, I can see it. Yes, we do tend to leave more than we take don't we.
A nice reminder to 'take it home'!