Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Midnight on the Porch"

I took an old UFO, originally made for a black & white challenge. After slicing and shifting, I added some inset wedges and a bit of textured yarn. I think it worked - what do you guys think?

The top picture is the original. the middle is the new work, and the bottom is a close up.


Linda Cline said...

You have added a lot of character to your quilt with your additions.

The vines on the sides seem a bit too symmetrical for the piece and rather stark. But the curvy lines add nice contrast to the straight lines in the building.

What if you add some lush growth to the vine on the left. You could let it overlap the building a bit to soften the edge some and integrate it with the rest of the quilt. Then you could do something different to the right side to balance it if you needed to.

Ann In Walnut, CA said...

Thanks for your suggestions, Linda. It does seem that adding to the left would better integrate the entire piece. I'm back to the sewing room!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Ann, from a very lonely house to one that is loved and cherished. What a difference it made, the deconstruction and construction that you did. Wonderful work.

Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Ann, love the quirkiness you added to the house by slicing the door and inserting the strips. It does need something on the left closer to the top to balance the clutter on the porch (or take away some of the clutter...some of those pots would be nice empty, too) My eye keeps going to the tall red there a way to de-emphasize that? There are so many other interesting things to look at here that it's a bit of a distraction to me. The additions of the trees and rich side fabric really frames the house nicely and gives more dimension.
Great job!

Carole said...

What a difference a splash of color makes!!
Nicely done... I do agree with Cynthia, the red flower on the left is a little too stiff, perhaps? You have some nice red near the center bottom, would some'fluff' make a difference? Just a thought......