Saturday, May 31, 2008

Oops! I Goofed!

The quilt that I began with was from another challenge. The challenge was to use Gerry Baptist's Heat of the Afternoon painting ( as a starting point. From there we were to use a small viewing window to take a small section and turn it into a quilt. When I finished my piece I hated it. I was ready to throw it in the garbage!

I pulled it from the bone file for this challenge. Took my rotary cutter and had great pleasure cutting it up! Then I decided to try weaving the pieces together. Wasn't happy with the result. Grabbed a piece of batik that had similar colors and weaved again. Better. Still not happy. Decided to play with some threads to secure some of the edges. Decided I like it better. Had a scrap of fabric that looked like a border. Yuk. Needed somthing more. I'd just taught a class on "Getting Comfy with Color" where I'd mentioned some colors, like yellow, make great accents. Added the yellow eyelash border.

Finished machine quilting the center and wentto even the borders when I realized I had done an incredibly horrible "oops". So bad there was no way to correct it. Remembered I had told a student to follow Tim Gunn's advice: Make It Work.

So I did.

Unless someone spends a lot of time fondling the quilt the oops may never be discovered. I may confess one of these days. It will definitely make a great teaching sample for my classes!

What do you think about this deconstruction and reconstruction? Finished size is 18 1/2" x 19".

-- Joanna Strohn


Joni said...

Joanna, this was quite a transformation. I like the weaving idea, and it seems to work really well in your new composition. It is amazing how much softer the new work looks! Nice job.

Linda Cline said...

Your cutting and weaving has broken up the large color blocks and scattered them about. I like it this way better also. Your yellow for the accent in the border is perfect.

Jan J. said...

Your first piece almost looks like an elementary art project but, WOW, did you turn it into a fantastic little quilt. The original colors make for great focus colors in your loose weaving. The edging makes them stand out more and the batik finishes it off well. I was so glad to hear I'm not the only one who has OOPS in their work.

Cay Denise said...


This is a dramatic change! I really like your placement of the weaving on the background fabric. The green circles at the outer boundary of that background fabric just add something. Overall, the piece has a lovely pastel flavor. I agree with Linda that the yellow border is a plus. The outer border also extends the inner background and looks like it was a very good choice. You've done a great job in transforming the deconstructed piece into something new and inventive!

Joanna said...

And finally the secret ... I was rushing to get this finished before leaving for an appointment. I had spent a few minutes doing a warm up with the quilting. After quilting about half of the top (just top and batting) I discovered, much to my horror, that I had quilted part of my practice piece into the quilt! So the backing is added with fusing and, unless you really fondle the quilt, you'd never know the mistake!

-- Joanna