Saturday, May 24, 2008


Fortunately I had a small piece of scraps I'd put together a while ago as a practice piece for another quilt. Not the best colors, but it would work for this challenge. I found and added the red strips to make it even. Then I got in a hurry and cut it apart before I photographed it! So I laid it all back together again for a photo. The reason for my hurry... I am leaving for D.C. in a couple of days for a visit with my sister while she's working there.

I had purchased a circular Olfa cutter quite some time ago and wanted to use it so I cut 3 different circles from the piece and then sliced it up some more from those circle starting points. Then I laid it onto a black background and slid the pieces farther apart so the black would show through and rotated the circles. Next I satin stitched around the raw edges and quilted randomly in the black with a variegated rayon thread. I cut the edge irratically, too, and then satin-stitched around those.

Done and now I can pack for my D.C. trip.


Linda Cline said...

You have added a layer of interest with the black design superimposed on the original. It does have the feeling of map with roundabouts. Your original is rather safe and predictable looking. The revised version is much more interesting.

Betty Donahue said...

I like the different shape.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Jan, I like the reconsstructed piece. Did you add a different shade of blue, or is it just the picture.
It's far more interesting than the original.

Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

very creative construction...and you got to use a cool tool. The circles look like magnifying glasses to me and the view in them is distorted like you'd expect. This could make an interesting planned quilt with scenes and colors you like.
Good job!