Sunday, May 04, 2008

Test Pattern

When I showed this piece to my husband, he said it reminded him of a old-time tv test pattern that was shown prior to the start of the broadcasting day, hence the name. Although I didn't adhere strictly to this month's rules, this piece does consist of recycled and left over materials.

The background came from an old chambray sundress and was quilted from the backing side in spirals prior to adding the elements to the front. The compass point wedges came from the derriere of a now-too-small pair of my jeans. The other wedges are leftovers from another project, with the small center circle and binding cobbled from scraps of a coordinating print. The "piping" around the circle is a jacket zipper.
Finished size is 18x20" - it was supposed to be 20x20" but I had a cutting error and I think the new size is an improvement.

This is an extremely monochromatic piece, and it needs some help. Possibly beads. Any comments or suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated.

Marilyn Rose


ren said...

this is nice. I think one little piece or wedge of yellow would make this more what you would like. You could do that with yellow bead clusters, too. at any rate, anything yellow or orangy would work.

I remember those test patterns, too..... :)

Carole said...

Marilyn......this looks good, I agree with Ren... a splas of yellow, or even orange, like another on this challenge group.
Can't figure out how you used the zipper..... cut it I guess, then just used the opened teeth and sewed it in one the flanfge? Very clever.......Hey, are we a group of recyclers, or what!!

Joni said...

Marilyn, this is a wonderful piece, but a little splash of color would make it even more interesting. I was thinking that picking up on the dots already in the piece, you could add red dots on the 4 denim wedges to provide contrast and movement. Or maybe radiating circles like the old test patterns had. Yah I'm that old too.