Monday, June 02, 2008

That Dog "Gone" Quilt

My UFO was made from a ugly fabric exchange. (the little flower's red,orange,yellow,green...ugly?). I folded the UFO in half and cut wedges.

Wedges from both sides of the UFO are in both fans. In my stash I still had some of the dog fabric....I scattered little dogs around That Dog "Gone" Quilt and on the ends of the fans with a fusiable and stitch finish.I also used eye-lash yarn around the fans.
I'm not sure if I like the UFO or That Dog "Gone" Quilt better. (Done is better!!). I know my quilter friends here in Marquette would be upset with the cut up designs on the fans. I like the idea of cut and sew you never know what you will get....


Joni said...

I think your quilter friends will enjoy what you did with this quilt. The fans were a great idea, and the doggie fabric is adorable. Nice work Janice!

Linda Cline said...

Give your friends the chance to like it. The original was nice, but I think the fans are much more interesting than the original stars. They look great against that dark blue.