Monday, April 05, 2010

Golden Sacrifice

We've been a very sick household for the past three weeks, and I haven't even been able to make it into the studio, but I did have a piece I made some time ago that fits this challenge perfectly. The title is Golden Sacrifice, but I just call it "fish". The background is hand painted, the weeds are machine couched yarn and hand beaded. The fish is almost entirely hand done, except the fins that are machine embellished and then the shape has been burnt out of a larger piece of organza. The hardest part was the eye. I even visited the local taxidermist to get a "fish eye", but ended up going to goldwork embroidery techniques and using a tiny piece of padded kid leather.


Jan said...

Gorgeous piece! The yard and fish look almost real.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

How beautiful! Well worth the effort for the goldwork eye. I LOVE this one! Excellent work

Pam Harris said...

Very realistic. I like the shimmer of the body and the delicate fins and tail add grace and elegance. Nice job with all the couching and beading.