Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Dance

18 ¼ " x 25 ¾"

I've renamed this from Flower Child Dance!

My only problem with including people is drawing them, so I cut out some folded paper kids, scanned them into Photoshop and then did some tricks to change their sizes. The printout from that became my template for the children. I arranged them on a batik background and chose some flowers from various fabric scraps to surround the scene.

The border is a flowery tulle, backed by cotton fabric, which I gathered slightly, then sewed the outer pieces on. The last step was mounting it on foam core and pulling the edges around to the back. I hand-sewed the border onto the foam core using some seed beads on the front.

A bit late, but at least finished well before the May challenge! Comments are welcome.


ann said...

This is fabulous! Very creative. I can see the children are really having a good time. I am very very impressed with your border treatment. I would like to see the back. I didn't know it was possible to do a border like this free form on foam core. Congratulations on a fun and lively piece.

Jan said...

Nice little piece! I really like the way you manipulated the children and the uneven border is perfect for this piece. Great job late or not!

Janice Paine-Dawes said...

Tobi I love the movement you created with the children. Nice job!

Joni said...

This piece mays one smile because it is so free and child like. It feels so carefree and happy, just like the flower children. Great job.