Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Abstract Landscape

An "abstract landscape" for lack of a better name 19" x 29"

I'm not sure if this meets all the requirements of this challenge but it was the best I could come up with in the time frame. I started another piece with more intent but it did not meet my expectations so I have abandon it for now and will go with this one which I finished after reading the challenge.

I began this piece while I was at the Focus on Fiber retreat in Florida last month. On the last day the dye studio was already dismantled and my friend who had brought a spare sewing machine for me had departed, so I was left without anything to work on. I combed the "free to a good home" scrap pile in the corner and started laying out scraps on a piece of batting. I hand basted them then rolled it up and brought it home. My husband had hip surgery earlier this month and my studio time was severely limited. I have two commission pieces underway but they are more complex. Stitching this piece down by machine was relaxing and let me just lose myself in the free motion.

Everything here is raw edge applique. I did not fuse any of the fabrics. I think the background, which is made up of overlapped strips in the size and shape I found them in, looks like rolling countryside. The rest is pretty abstract: Is the black & white a lake? Are those tall shape trees, buildings or rocks? The stitching is all free-motion,

Instead of traditional binding I used a "Bird Ross" finish which is something I have used on reversible garments. Basically I cut 1.5" squares with a rotary cutter with a pinking blade, folded each in half over the quilt edge, pinned it in place, then overlapped another square. I free-motioned over all of it. A traditional quilter called them prairie points but I believe that is a piecing technique. Anyway I thought it fit the raw edge background better than traditional binding.

I may still make another piece for this challenge with more intent. Right not I feel a bit pressured to finish and deliver the commissioned work.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


Jan said...

I love your background! It is definitely interesting as the challenge called for. Little movement, but the totems (?) draw your eye into the piece and back out. I really like this.

Carole said...

This piece sings Kathie.. a lovely tune, too, I might add. I see rainbows and totem poles, one not having stood the test of time... or was it the wind. It is great as it is... but I mentioned in another post, Mr Goldsworthy adds the unusual to his naturescapes and I can see some viney ropes weaving in and out near the bottom.

Your edge finishing really suits [and it is not priaire points, perhaps a sylized version of].

I am glad you got this done.. hope your sweet one is recovering well and your commission gets one on time.

Wendy said...

I saw totem poles immediately... and it took me back to one of my favorite places... Alaska!

Well done!

Louise said...

The piece and how you constructed it is very, very interesting. I really think the background sets the stage for all the vertical pieces very well. Where did you find such interesting fabrics? They do remind me of totem poles. I wish I could see the edge finish better. What novel techniques you used.

fastfriday said...

The "movement" of the totem poles caught my eye - is the center one dancing? This has a joyful exciting quality. Ticia

LAQuilts said...

I as well saw totem poles. The background is fantastic. I can't really make out the quilting but it seem like an excellent addition.

Kathie Briggs said...

Thank you everyone. Now I see the totems too. At first I thought "towers?" but that wasn't right.

Louise, the fabrics were all in the "scrap heap" at a fiber art retreat. In fact they were the dregs of the picked-over scrap heap on the last day. Not all cotton. Some might be cut up old clothing. Hard to know. I just picked the scraps that appealed to me.

I will try to get a better close up of the edge finish and will send a note to the group when I upload it.