Wednesday, April 27, 2011


13 X 14

I chose a geode eroding out of its host rock as my nature subject. My geologist husband thinks it looks more like a sea creature. My original background idea didn’t work out for the rhythm portion of the challenge so I now have a more patterned background. The background fabric is a decorator fabric sample which looked stenciled and stamped. I added the raw edge cotton and silk shapes and encouraged fraying for my “erosion”.

The center of the geode is a left over piece from a purse I made using Texture Magic™ and the white is from the lining of my wedding dress.

As always, I learned quite a bit from this challenge. Thanks Lisa for introducing me to Andy Goldsworthy.

Comments are welcomed and appreciated.



Carole said...

Not understanding geode's well.. hmm.. at all, I have no business commenting, but I like your colors, they are restful and the items you used to create add interest. I am hoping to soon use Texture Magic [a friend gave me some].. it would make a great background wouldn'it...

Louise said...

I really like the calmness of your piece, which to me signifies the long length of time which it takes for a geode to form. The purple is very eye catching against the gray, which draws my eye into the center as an actual geode would. I actually see the rhythm in your piece represented by the shapes on the background and their fraying. Isn't Texture Magic a wonderful product? IMHO this is a well done piece.

:Diane said...

I would have named your piece - Amethyst. As a crystal it forms inside barrel shapes like you portrayed. The blue might have thrown your geologist husband off, though. Amethyst grows on top of white and it has sharper edges than you depict - but you weren't going for photorealism, right? :o) Love all the fabrics with "texture" that you used.