Saturday, April 02, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

A little late this week due to trying to get in 2 last days of skiing and then finishing quilting a charity quilt. Lots of time for thinking in both activities and sometime during the week, this image of flowers dancing in the rain came to me. Of course the image in the mind was horizontal with lots of flowers and the result ended up being vertical with three flowers but this was faster. The flowers and leaves were drawn quickly and freehand on tracing paper, then cut out of fabric and fused. I scrunched the brown earth to give it some texture and covered it with tulle. Then I quilted it with iridescent Sulky thread in semi-straight lines. I think it came out very cheerful and spring like-things I'd like to see right now even if it comes with rain!


Tobi said...

I really like the sense of joy in those flower faces, showing that rain is a blessing for them. The green of the leaves and stems, though, would stand out better if it could be brightened up a bit, especially to contrast more with the ground.

Linda Mac said...

Nice expression of movement with the leaves. This is a very happy piece. It reminds me of the flowers in "Alice in Wonderland". Good use of metallic thread for the rain.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Nancy, I like this interpretation of dancing, the faces say it all , lot's of movement with the rain coming down and the curvy lines in the stem and leaves.