Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My inspiration for this piece was a Goldsworthy piece with rocks cut in half and arranged in a spiral on the ground.
I discharged the background fabric in mandala style. The shells are stitched in a spiral using beads. The quilting is also a spiral. This design puts me in mind of a fossil in red earth...thus sands of time.

This Andy Goldsworthy challenge was difficult for me to 'wrap my arms around'. Once I conceived my direction, I really loved working on this piece.

Thanks Lisa for a real challenge :-)

Any comments are appreciated



Louise said...

Your piece is really gorgeous! I like the richness of the discharged fabric and the organic feel which it conveys. The beads look very interesting on the piece, drawing my eye inward and then the discharge lines in the center send me back out. What kind of beads are they? Very well done!


Jan said...

Nice! The spiral of stones is definitely Goldsworthy as is the discharged piece of cloth. The simple quilting is all that is needed with this piece. What if you cropped the corners so that the black was narrow there and you had an entirely octagonal piece?

Wendy said...

Great piece, Cherie.... I'm a sucker for anything spiral.... love the shells and repeating designs. Great job on the discharge (after dyeing mandalas last week, I saw your technqiue immediately!).

Anonymous said...

What a great technique to get the effect. The spiral quilting pattern and placement of beads add to the movement. A am not sure the black background adds anything to the piece. I think Jan has made an interesting suggestion about cropping it. Try it in Photoshop first.

Anonymous said...
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Carole said...

Cherie.. you are indeed a lady of many talents! This is great.... I almost did the spiral, too... very eye-catching and the mandala is fab. I am sensing we are not seeing the whole piece and you have cropped some of it?
I see you have stitched circular lines so in all liklihood it is complete...what size is it?

Madalene Murphy said...

For some reason this reminds me of tree trunk slice with rings. Even though it doesn't have rings the spirals suggest that, along with the color. Love the pattern on the fabric and the pattern of the beads.

LAQuilts said...

I of course love the spirals the colors are very rich and earth. Job well done.