Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Here are pictures of my response to this challenge. In response to the request for a representation of nature, and the suggestion of some sort of pieced background, the background is inspired by a picture I took of the contours that can develop as an effect of wind action on snow. It is made of muslin and a second piece of muslin that has been stamped with three different stamps and three different colours of fabric paint. The background was then FMQ'd to reinforce the contour effect, in response to the request for rhythm and repetition. The piece needed a focalpoint, so the gold leaves were screen printed. A contour quilted background does NOT make a good surface for screen printing, so I attempted to camoflage the leaves a bit with the ribbons and beads.

Here they are.
Pat F in Winnipeg


Jan said...

Lovely! We get the snow contours here that you're talking about and yours really do show this achieving the flowing movement of the snow. I think your ribbons and beads look like a lone pine tree standing stalwart against the winds of winter.

fastfriday said...

great job of showing the contours in the snow. I no longer live in snow country but remember well the winds work. I agree about the "pine tree".

Pat Havey

Julia in NZ said...

Lovely stitching, and the soft tones of the grey are subtle but effective. Sometimes an attempt to 'fix' a perceived flaw is just your subconscious responding to the piece artistically!

Carole said...

This flows beautifully, snow drifts I remember all too well...the gold leaf against the gray adds a warm contrast and the way the embellishment hangs in the photo... it looks like a tree..appropriate shadows and all.
Well done.

Louise said...

What a great piece! It surely does remind me of the snow drifts which I used to experience in southern Oregon. The colors and movement are very soft and peaceful, like the calm after the storm. I think that the gold stamping really warms the piece up and of I really like the addition of the beads and ribbon for added texture.

LAQuilts said...

Your background is wonderful and very rich. I hope you are happy with this piece. It is so rich in the simplicity of it.