Friday, September 02, 2011

Dream of a garden with fish

Challenge 60 Rosemary Hopkins
It was a lot of fun to work on Carole's challenge. I got out my favorite color fabrics (blue) and built the quilt on the batting, as I have done in Pamela Allen's classes. I had a 4 X 5 piece of light vine like fabric that I intended to use as the middle. I wove the roof piece, ala Jude Hill, and was going to set it so that the short sides of the triangle were parallel to the edge, but my little green piece wasn't up to it--it was too small. I selected another piece of light fabric and moved the triangle to suggest a roof. I invisibly based the fabrics down, and then used thread and floss to quilt the light piece and the blue. I attached the roof, and added a facing to finish the piece. I don't know if it meets Carole's challenge guidelines, but I am happy with it. By the way, husband didn't like the "pointy thing" on the top, but he said I was the artist and it probably made sense to me. I called it Dream of a garden with fish. Rosemary Hopkins


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

This is a very happy piece, and all the blue hues really give the feel of a 'fish pond'. Very nice work Rosemary.

fastfriday said...

Nice job capturing the feel of a dream. The flowers, fish and house together have a very surreal quality. Ticia

Louise said...

This is a 'very happy little piece." The choice of all the blue fabric really evokes the coolness of water. The fabric which you used for your focal point, the light soft coloring and detail of it's elements, really draws the eye in.


fndlmous said...

I like the idea of building a design around a piece of focal fabric.the colours ork well but I have to wonder if the hand stitching is really doing what you want with it, but I'm not sure what I could suggest as an alternative--maybe a 1/8" strip of a compimentary colour to emphasize the roof line?
Pat F in winnipeg

Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Rosemary, nice contrasts in this piece...light and dark, complementary blue and orange, geometric and organic. Good job!
I'm wondering about the flower stems...they are fairly straight. How would it look with more fluid curved shape?

fastfriday said...

Rosemary, nice job on the weaving for the roof. I especially like the color combinations you used. Well done.

Susan Armstrong