Wednesday, September 28, 2011


10 X 10
I didn’t read the part that said, “a painting you love”. I was just looking at the links and as soon as I saw the palette, I immediately thought of sunflowers. My daughter thinks the painting associated with the palette is “downright creepy”. Palette is from William Blake’s “Ancient of Days”.
I made the petals by quilting scraps onto Peltex™ and then cutting out the shapes. The center was sewn in a grid onto Texture Magic™ to create the seeds and then I stuffed it for more dimension.
Thanks for the interesting challenge. This challenge gives us another way to look at art, much like the challenge using product packaging. I always find it interesting to see how people use color.
Comments are appreciated.


fastfriday said...

I love the dimension that you have achieved with this piece. You used the palette and answered the challenge perfectly. I wonder what positioning the symmetric flower asymmetrically on the background grey square or using a background rectangle might do compositionally. Sue Church

Jan said...

I love this piece! The colors are definitely fall and in the painting you used. The quilting in the sunflower center is perfect to make it appear full of seeds. Great 3-dimensinal piece which I'd love to hang on my wall.

katieinnebraska said...

Well, Jan, I'll fight you for it. This is such a fun piece. I would love to have it, too. Looks like it was fun to make. Nice!

SusanPI said...

A perfect sunflower for fall. Very creative! The petals look fabulous as does the center of the flower. I have never used textured magic, I am going to check it out. You have given me some ideas! I also really like the painting you used as an inspiration!

Louise said...

This is a really nice piece and the color palette really works well in the sunflower. Leaving the petals unattached adds a lot of dimension and the quilting on them adds even more texture. The center is very interesting and coupled with the black behind the flower, really grounds the work.

Linda said...

I really love this piece. Each time a new quilt is uploaded I go through them all again and I just like the sunflower more each time I see it....amd yes, it would look great on one of my walls :)