Saturday, September 03, 2011


25½" x 16"

Here is the finished piece. The hair is now tinged pink, to make it stand out a bit more, the dancer has lips, and the edge is finished! 9/11/11

Terpsichore is an early kind of dance from the Middle Ages. The colorful striped fabric started me out; I folded it so that the colors radiated out for the dress. The gold fabric started out just for the body, but it worked well for the border, with a lace edging over it. I used Angelina fiber for the hair and collar, sequins for the eyes. I had found a tiny gold rose for a flower in the dancer's mouth, but lost it, so I made that out of fabric paint.

Comments welcome!


fastfriday said...

Tobi, what a joyful piece, full of movement. The bright colors of the dress do a nice job of setting off the yellow golds of his body and the background. Ticia

fastfriday said...

The colors and the design are very moving. Although you didn't remark that your "mood and atmosphere" were "uplifting or joyous", this piece is that. Sue Church

Louise said...


I couldn't tell in the photo, did the folding of the fabric add dimension to the dress? A very creative use of a lot of different fibers. She does look very joyful in her dance.


Marilyn Wall said...

Tobi this is such a fun piece from the colors to the movement.

fastfriday said...

Wht fun! It mmakes me want to join in the dance and merriment.

Pat Havey

Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Tobi, what a delightful creature you have created!
Good job

fastfriday said...

Tobi, this piece is a very happy piece. I love the way you used the striped fabric. Good job!

Susan Armstrong

SusanPI said...

Tobi- what a great representation of Greek mythology. She is so much fun! Very creative dancer:)