Saturday, October 01, 2011

Good intentions

I thought about an idea for this challenge, using Vermeer's Girl with a glass of wine for the palette. I had a thing going for retrievers (which is odd because I don't really like dogs), combined with heraldry. I would put the text on a banner. However, I don't think I really want to make it at this stage. I tried some of the colour sites suggested, but none of them picked up the blue of the chair - the same chair that appears in many Vermeer paintings.

As usual the challenge has made me think about colour and construction. I even got the fabrics out and started playing with the black marks on red - ermine, dog paws, etc. Just no follow through!


fastfriday said...

The hardest part is that you have to start in order to finish. Every time I think I can't if I make myself start on something the rest seems to fall in place. I love your art choice! Great colors.

Pat Havey

Jan said...

Until I enlarged Vermeer's painting picture I couldn't see the blue and wondered where it was coming from. A true phrase on your shield for most dogs despite the way they're treated somedays. How will you quilt it?