Saturday, October 29, 2011

Notan #1

I did a quick cutting of paper to make Notan #1. I cheated by cutting the white paper and placing it on black paper. It was easy to design something that looks more complicated than it was. Maybe not the most artistic notan and definitely low on points for neatness, but a good start. Next one in fabric-maybe use a circle or an octagon for the start? I can see why Cathy said this was addictive!


:Diane said...

Would only take a few cuts to make perfect IMO. Nice asymmetrical design. I can see places where I would cut more little tendrils out and flip them. Easier on paper than on fabric, of course. Pretty soon, you have only a couple threads at a point.

Diane - yarngoddess

Wendy said...

Nancy, you took the advanced option! Way to go... love the wavy spiral that emerged. Will you make a quilt out of it?