Monday, October 31, 2011

Notan designs

I actually have a partially completed quilt that uses the notan design elements but I wanted to do something from scratch.  The first night I cut out a basic square and straight lines out of freezer paper.  I fused it to some of my dyed fabic and then painted the uncovered fabric black to get my first design.  I like the clean lines but it didn't excite me.  While cleaning the next day I came across a leaf design I had drawn several weeks ago and decided to try to turn it into a notan piece.  I really wanted to applique this piece so I could finish it.  Since there is a right and wrong side to the fabric, I had to draw and cut out opposites to complete the design.   I ended up with two completed pieces that I may turn into a bag or pillow.  I really like the second design more but I think it needs something in the middle.  I could really get hooked on this technique!

LindaBN from Louisiana


Wendy said...

Linda... love the leaves.... you really have a great grasp of shape and flow. Reverse applique is another way to use a black fabric with a color underneath... you're on the road! Great job.

Susan B said...

Linda, you are really good at this. I adore your leaves. They are clearly leaves, but create a wonderful new shape for the outside edge. The square one also shows a great grasp of the concept. It seems very op art.

Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Linda, Love all of them, but especially the clean, modern, first one! It practically vibrates!

LindaBN said...

Thanks for the great comments!