Saturday, October 29, 2011

Notan Screen

Since I used Notan in Challenge 58, I decided to make an organza silk screen as described by Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum in her article “really reusable Organza Silk Screens” in the October/November Issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. I made three expanded squares out of freezer paper and chose the most simplistic to make the screen. I did not take a picture of my work on the black fabric as I thought it would be on my screened fabric. Another learning experience as I lost some of the elements of Notan. I will use components of the other two Notan projects for some additional screens as they have some interesting design elements.
I was pleased the way the screen turned out. I do need to “kill” the screen in a couple of spots where the joints meet. Not a true Notan but the exercises were fun and I do have a finished project.
Thanks Wendy for a fun project which will lead to lots of design possibilities in the future. Comments/critiques are appreciated.



:Diane said...

The design color really pops on that subtle background. I think I would like if you covered the entire space with the design.

Notan really can take you in a new direction.

Diane - yarngoddess

Wendy said...

Pam, I never thought of silk screening notan, but why not! Great color choices and I agree with Diane... expand the design and you'll have something really amazing.