Monday, October 10, 2011

Purse Inspired by Mondrian

Inspired by Mondrian

For a couple of months now I've been working on this challenge, interpreting an artist's style. I decided to go large. Although I still want to finish that project, I decided to try make something small in the mean time. 

I used recycled wool jackets, skirts, and odd bits of wool that I felted in my washing machine and dryer. It is really soft to the touch. Felting seems to take out all the rough stuff. I added grosgrain ribbon to cover the seams; wider grosgrain as the final edging. All was stitched down with zig-zag using polyester thread because I both wanted to cover up the grosgrain and add a sheen. I first tried to use another stitch on my machine, but after many, many birds nest on the back side, I decided the zig-zag would have to do. The lining is black satin: pocket on one side for my cell phone; pocket on the other for my charge card case.

Yes, it was a fun project!

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