Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tails of a Phoenix

I had just made a trip to Nepenthe Restaurant in Big Sur and was inspired by the Phoenix image. This piece used two tails of my imaginary Phoenix and in the Notan style, created two more tails from the pieces I cut. I really enjoyed this challenge and the piece I created.

The size is 17 ½ by 17 ½

Jeanne Holmes


Wendy said...

Stunning piece, Jeanne, with a great sense of positive/negative elements. I hope you try more with the Notan technique.

Sharon Robinson said...

Whee - This piece really portrays movement, it's hard NOT to see it spinning around! Your quilting patter really emphasizes that and I like that you tried some different colors.

SusanPI said...

This a cool art quilt. Spinning -thinking outside of the box is great. Once the imagination takes over ohlala. I like it a lot.