Saturday, November 05, 2011

Three Studies

Here are three that I like. I haven't had time to convert to fabric yet...too many irons in the fire right now...LOL

This is fun and a valuable lesson in positive/negative, light/dark interaction. Thanks Wendy!



Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Cheri, all of them are very interesting...But I found the second one to be most fascinating...almost 3D in the effect. Great job!

Wendy said...

Way to go, Cheri..... My fav is the 3rd one, it almost sparkles... Glad you tried alternative designs. Great job!

Sharon Robinson said...

These Notans have so many possibilities! The second and third ones remind me of the sun and beach (and maybe even a crab on the second one?) I wonder what they would look like in bright reds yellows and oranges?