Friday, January 27, 2012

Challenge 65 - Child Play/Childhood Memories

Fast Friday Fabric Challenge #65                           Due: 2/3/12
Child Play/Childhood Memories                             Host: Kathy Lichtendahl

Let's Play!
This month I am asking everyone to reach way back in their psyche to tap the memories of childhood. The idea is to create a piece of artwork that recalls your early days - to you at least - and possibly to the viewer as well. The subject can be something or someplace concrete that brings back memories of being a child or it can be a more abstract creation based on a recalled smell or sound or fleeting impression.
The finished piece may be depicted in a childlike manner or it may be channeled through the adult you that exists today. Try not to over think the process. The goal is to create a design based on a feeling of being a small person at that certain place and time in your life.

Many artists spend their entire careers trying to re-create the sense of wonder and newness experienced as a child. Some well known examples are the following:

Philip Guston
Pablo Picasso
Paul Klee (one of my personal favorites)
Joan Miro

Some artists well known for their childlike art that work in fiber:
Laura Wasilowski

Have fun!

Kathy Lichtendahl 

Addendum by Cynthia:
 IQF is having a contest with prizes about quilts inspired by childhood memories...size is larger (at least 48" each side), no entry fee, online entry by June 8th.  The quilts will show at Houston, Cincinnati & Long Beach.  More info here:

 If you are interested, you might consider using Kathy's challenge as a design study/mockup for a larger piece to enter in the contest....or make your piece for this challenge large and take more time.

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Michele/TextileTraveler said...

Hi Kathy, Cynthia, and all: the IQF entry information says that the piece cannot have been displayed on a blog, so if people are going to enter the exhibition they'll want to keep that in mind before posting pics of actual entries.