Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter sunshine

I finished this piece made out of scraps. From my initial piece made while at my mothers, I needed to exchange a couple of pieces, but that was a heap of deconstruction to get there. My mental image was of sunshine through a window, with condensation running down. This is rather hard for me to think of, as it is high summer here right now!


Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Julia, It's wonderful! Love the color palette and the modern abstract feel to it

Tobi said...

I see the repetitive aspect of this piece, but without your explanation, would not have seen the weather connection or the window. And summer weather would be fine, it's what you have now! I like the yellow, would like to see more of it; maybe you could add beads, fabric paint or other embellishment to brighten it up -- no more deconstruction!

FoulkeArt said...

I love the geometry of this piece, and the lovely colors. It "feels" like sunshine coming through the window! A welcome image in cold Kentucky!