Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Remembered ... Not Forgotten

When I was a little girl, both my mother and my grandmother had the most beautiful beds of Oriental poppies. When they were in bloom, my grandmother always told me that whenever we saw a poppy, it should cause us to remember our Veterans. Also, as a little girl, I helped distribute poppies for the American Legion Auxiliary to raise funds for Veterans and their families. I used to love to draw flowers, but mostly it was just doodling across the paper. This poppy quilt is rather like that only it's drawing with fabric markers and then thread painting to add depth and interest. Since I am a member of American Legion Auxiliary and our theme here in Iowa is "Remembered--not forgotten," I decided to add that to this quilt, as well. It was a fun challenge and always fun to reminisce about my mother and grandmother's love for flowers, and in particular poppies. I know they're not botanically correct, but I think you still get the idea that they are poppies.


Jan said...

This is beautiful, Pam. The painting you did on the poppies make them look real and you quilting adds to the beauty.

Lisa Broberg Quintana said...

Actually, they are very reminiscent of the lapel poppies, so they are well grounded in your childhood memory.

I'm very fond of poppies myself, and always purchase a poppy from a Vet when I see them being sold.....and it always brings to mind "In Flander's fields the poppies grow..."

Nice job.