Monday, February 27, 2012

Design decisions

As I was going through these steps, I had a couple stumbling blocks, aka design questions & decisions, I thought I'd share with you in case they are meaningful to your process.
  • . Do I need to include all the lines from my line inspiration?
Absolutely not! I will chose the lines that look interesting to me and ignore the rest.

  • . Do I need to make my piece realistic and look like my line inspiration and have my colors placed in logical or realistic form?
Absolutely not! You can if you choose to do that, but I guarantee more fun if you mix it up. And you'll get out of the color mindset that the sky is blue.  And if you use a texture like tree bark or wrinkles for your line inspriation, you'll get a unique abstract piece when you put color to it!

  • . Do I need to stick to my lines or colors exactly from my inspiration?
Absolutely not! They are for inspiration, a starting point. If I think purple looks better in my piece than the blue-violet I selected from my inspiration piece, then I will use purple. Same for the lines, If I don't like it I'll move the line, eliminate it or change it. Do what the piece needs rather than stick strictly to the exercise.  You can add, substract, change as needed,
  • Do I need light/medium/dark and pure hue/tint/tone/shade of each color in the color scheme?
No, but if you get as much variety in value and intensity in the various color families as your stash allows...the piece will be much more interesting!

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