Thursday, February 09, 2012

Fat Cat and Mousey

Fat Cat and Mousey
32.75" x39.5"

Fat Cat, close up face and tail

Fat Cat holding Mousey, close up

This challenge was so much fun for me.  I really got into the idea of creating as a child.  At the same time, I was creating for a child.  Once I got the idea, I just dove in.  Piecing was not dependent of fabric grain or exactitude.  It was just all FUN! 

The horror came when I turned the quilt over and saw a mess from quilting on the back.  I glued all of the stitching down.  Thus, what started out as a comfort quilt for a child became a wall quilt that will hopefully be wanted by a hospital for the children's wing.

I am really having a hard time writing this because I am very depressed after my guilds non reaction to this quilt.  I was hoping for an 'atta girl' or two, but that was not forthcoming.  Usually I am very 'high' after a guild meeting.  Not tonight.  Not sure I will show them anymore quilts that I am so emotionally attached to.  It is all a journey; I learn as I go.  This group has given me such inspiration and wonderful learning experiences, it is one of the BEST parts of my quilting journey.


Lisa Broberg Quintana said...

Ann, I'm really surprised that they didn't like it, especially because the cat is fairly strongly grounded in traditional quilting. While you drew and designed it, it is firmly extracted from traditional cat patches.

The color and topic exudes fun, and would be very appealing to a child, which is what you were going for.
I love the face you gave this guy, and the texture and dimensionality is really superb!

I must admit, when you gave us the sneak peek of the mouse, I thought...hmmm...not sure I'm going to like this, but I do like what you came out with in the end. Very fun.

Marilyn Wall said...

Ann, I've learned to take how people react to my work as a grain of salt. If you love it and especially if you had fun making it that's all that matters.

I would think some child would be really love to have their room brightened with this piece. Hang in there and keep creating.

Tobi said...

How cute! This piece belongs in a place where many kids will see it and be cheered by it.

Jan said...

This is fantastic! I love the dimensionality of the quilt and think it will be much better as a wall quilt for children in a hospital to enjoy and cheer them up than as a comfort quilt. The cat's satisfied expression is priceless! Your quilting on the cat really makes him come to life. Congratulations on a quilt very well done!

Sally said...

I can't imagine any person who has a cat not enjoying this. We don't have mice for our cat to catch---but if we did I'm sure this would be a frequent "snapshot" in our home! Fun!!!