Sunday, February 26, 2012


Thank you Cynthia for an interesting challenge. At first I wanted to moan and pull my hair, but your statement about not over-thinking it and just doing it struck home. I found an image in a travel mag that had great lines, then went to a color design book I've had for many years and use frequently. My palette was yellow, blue, purple and blue-green. Though I'm not sure I've hit all the values and done them in the correct proportions, I am happy with the outcome. The quilt is 5"x7".
Ann In Fallbrook, CA


Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Ann, I'm glad you didn't bemoan and agonize. It's so much fun to skip that step!
I really like that you simplified the lines and also changed the lines in the sky. It made the piece more interesting and mysterious. Good job on the colors, too. There are alot of tones and shades in the forefront which doesn't dilute the focal point of the light building against the colorful sky.


fastfriday said...

This has a wonderful happy feel. I really like the simple fence lines and flowers in the foreground.


Louise said...


I really like how the linear feel of the structure plays so well with the organic feel of the sky and foreground. The stark white of the buildings really emphasize the fact that they are the focal point. You successfully achieved the value, tone and contrast in this piece. Done very well!