Sunday, February 26, 2012

Western Landscape

I too did what Cynthia told us-don't overthink and better done than perfect. It also helped that my sewing machine is broken, it was a lousy day Friday and Saturday, and my husband was busy yelling at the tax program on the computer. I walked by the calendar after reading the challenge and took the Feb photo from that to do my line drawing. Then I picked up the first picture book I found in the living room and found a photo of Seville with colors I liked. Figuring out tones and shades and tints took some experimentation and I'm still not sure if I got colors in all three. What is brown? From Cynthia's color samples, it could be a shade of orange or a tone of red. White was in the color photo, so I wanted to use it as a zinger but am ambivalent about it being too dominant. Anyway, the fabrics are fused onto muslin and will await finishing until my machine visits the repair shop on Tuesday.

Photos in order are: line drawing photo, color choice photo, colors choosen, and finished quilt.

After reading comments and looking at this quilt, I added more "mountains" and changed the white zingers to light yellow. The sky was quilted in an allover pattern. The mountains were quilted in straight lines with curvy lines added in mettalic gold thread for the dark mountain. I think the additional fabrics and shapes help give more interest to the piece and I now give it about a B+. This is a technique that I hope will lead to more abstract pieces than this one turned out to be. I enjoyed the challenge Cynthia.


Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Nancy, I'm glad you didn't let a little thing like a broken sewing machine stop you! You do have a tint (the light blue), tones (the greenish gray on the right and the lighter orange on the left), shades (the mountains and top sky), pure hues (blue and orange...though both are a bit shaded). So great job! I think your color inspiration is fantastic...and I miss the light gold in your piece. You could still add some...remember it doesn't have to look like your inspiration photos, those are a starting point. I might think about breaking up the pure blue and the light blue to soften it.
To answer your what is brown can be a neutral like black, white and gray, but often it has a color tinge of one of the warm colors.
Great job, Nancy...thank you for participating with no excuses! I hope you get your machine back soon!

Nancy Schlegel said...

Unfortunately the camera did not capture the color photo accurately in its color. It has more a clay color in the building than light yellow as the photo on the blog shows. That's why the orange tones were used. I may use your idea of the light yellow in the quilting lines though. Machine is back home, circuit board replaced with no cost. So I'll start quilting and post another photo when I'm done. Thanks for your encouragement.

fastfriday said...

The line inspiration and use in your quilt is exciting and interesting. Now that you have your sewing machine back, I look forward to seeing it with the added quilting lines.


Louise said...

This is such a beautiful color combination! I think that you really achieved variation in all of the colors you used. The lines are dramatic and create a lot of interest. The bits of white certainly work as zingers and in my opinion work because of the touches of white in your other fabrics. I also applaud you for persevering and not making excuses! I really think you have a winner here.


Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Nancy, I like what you've done! Adding the gold/yellow and the other pieces adds a ton of interest as well as depth. Great job!