Monday, April 23, 2012

Dawn on Sea - Silvia Dell'Aere

Hi :)
I've used this challenge as guideline to make my last piece. I've made it for my solo show I've had last week, and it's a piece that talks about my love for sea.

Measures: 86x39 inches
Technique: hand dyed cotton and machine quilting
Title: (the title is a short poetry I've written, I'll try to translate it for you in english)
A sea ​​stirs in me / foaming, flashing, / then comes the dawn


Details: waves on bottom left corner, sun rays in top right corner and 3 seagulls from top left to bottom right corners

Every comment's welcome :)


SusanPI said...

Silvia . Very creative- you did a lot of work on this and is shows. Wonderful colors,painting and quilting. Beautiful!

Louise said...

What a beautiful piece of fabric and you really made it sing with all of the beautiful quilting. The way in which you depicted the water and the sun is wonderful.

Silvia "OrkaLoca" Dell'Aere said...

Thank you for your comments Susan and Louise.
I'm happy you liked it.
I love to quilt on hand-dyed wholecloth and let the colours guide my quilting quite instinctively.