Saturday, June 30, 2012

Challenge 69

Perspective on the Lone Triangle Blues


I finally finished my "Beatles" Quilt , a month late :-(...Oh well, better late than never, yes?

The Beatles 'song' I chose has no lyrics.  It is from Yellow submarine..."Sea of Holes".

I used cotton for the base, silver lame for the main shapes (foreground), and many different sheers for all the shading.  The bright colors are all from one piece of  my hand dyed fabric.  Free motion quilted.  Metal decorative rivets applied.

It measures 22"x15 1/2"

LOVE the Beatles!!!  good challenge...
Comments and suggestions gratefully received,


This was my first time playing with Zentangles and a lot of fun.  I started with a quote and then played with interpreting the letters in different forms and colors.  Although I am not thrilled with the end product (approx. 12" by 17") this piece was all about the process for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  After learning a little about zentangle I wanted to see how it would interpret in thread and free motion.    The biggest surprise for me was when I when I went back and outlined all of the finished letters in the heavy variegated thread that I had drawn all of the initial lightweight thread colors from.  It totally changed the look of the piece.          Ticia


Here is my entry. It's an 8.5" square of computer paper. I used a BIC fine point Mark-It and a Pilot V Ball fine point pen to do it. I do wish I had chosen a different, lighter background for the upper right corner but it was too late once I started..LOL
I made up a few, and used a few "official" patterns. Already I can see that this could become an addiction. I had something else I was going to do for this, but I had started fooling around with the L in this one and was liking it so decided to go with it.
The scanner didn't do a good job of copying my cat and bird tracks, but overall I am pretty happy with this and enjoyed doing it!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ann In Zen

Tangling is addictive! I spent several hours yesterday and quite a few more today working on this tangle. It was a lot of fun finding patterns that would work well in the area around my name. I don't know what I will do with my "masterpiece", but it sure was fun creating it. It is almost 8.5" x 11". ANN in Fallbrook, CA

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Live Life by Inspiring Others to Fly

This was an incredible challenge -I had never heard of ZenTangles,  I love to doodle, this was fun/ the doodling part of " Live Life by Inspiring Others to Fly  " was done on a piece gloss photo paper. The fabric is Timeless Treasures, Confucius  Quotes. I purchased this at The International Quilt Show in Cincinnati, Ohio  a few months ago. It was one of those I 
had to have it moments:)

 Susan Ward AKA SusanPI2

Challenge 68

Wedding Memory Quilt

Wedding Memory Quilt

I wanted to make a small memory quilt in appreciation of the wedding invitation. I figured I would just stitched them as a straight top with filler between. Then when the FFF Challenge came out, I totally changed my thinking. This Gestalt challenge made a BIG difference in my design = turned it upside down. I wanted the photos to look as if they were casually dropped on a table. Of course, they were carefully arranged according to the Gestalt principals of Similarity, Proximity, and Alignment.

The Wedding Ceremony Booklet top is on the top, touching the family, who are now united by the marriage and the couple. The wedding group photo is on the bottom of everything, because although important, it is subservient to both the couple and the family. The father-daughter photo is parallel to the couple [they are still close, yet have a very different relationship], but not touching. I chose this photo of the couple as they were both intently looking at each other. The small center bottom photo is of the couple lighting the unity candle, another symbol of their pledge of troth.

I had this all laid out 2 months ago when I took it to a guild meeting and someone commented, "Those photos are very antique looking. Why don't you just tuck a little lace under to complete the look." Wonderful suggestion. However, it is not that easy "to tuck a little lace under". The corners need to be square, matched and aligned. I also was unsure of the fusing medium, so when I asked the quiltart group, I found I needed to use Mistyfuse Ultraviolet. So then I had to wait for the mail. Then life interrupted. Now, happily, it is finished.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


As a practicing yogini, Om is a big part of my life:  the universal and complete sound we use in chanting practice.   I've played with lots of Zentangles, I have a whole notebook full, but for this challenge, I added the text of the Sanskrit character and went from there.

I used a variety of sharpie markers (cuz I did this one at work!).... love the meditative quality of doing a zentangle.... someday, I'd like to take the class and teach others how to do this drawing meditation.

Comments, of course, are welcome.  Great challenge, Meena!  (PS I have a stash of black and white prints... one of these days I'll actually make a zen quilt!).

Monday, June 25, 2012


I began my zentangle design by drawing one in the original size format of 3 1/2" square.  What started out loopy ended as a bird.  I scanned the image into the computer where I flipped, slid, turned, etc., until I ended with a design I liked.  I printed it out onto fabric, frayed the edges, and fused it to the background.  I chose those wild fabrics because they resembled some zentangle designs.  Using invisible thread I quilted some on the zentangle design, the background, and then the border.  The finished size is 13 1/2" square.

First Wedding Anniversary

The basic design was created with my favorite font and the infinity symbol in Make the Cut software.

Then, I printed it wireframe on cardstock and filled in with various Zentangle patterns with Sakura Pima Micron pens.

I chose paper as the medium for this challenge as it is the traditional material for first anniversary gifts.


Breathe Free
17 1/2"x17"
I have been thinking about Independence Day coming up and was inspired to portray Lady Liberty.
The background is white satin with four layers of organza and chiffon in gradually deepening colors of concentric circles.  The 'Zentangle' is entirely free motion thread drawing (no patterns or lines) with black thread.
The statue is black suede cloth, cut in one piece and appliqued with a very narrow zigzag.
The quote is stamped on a strip of white organza then fused onto the quilt.
I love this challenge Meena.  I have been fascinated with Zentangle for a few years, and this is the 3rd stitched piece I have done using this technique.
Your comments and suggestions are as always appreciated...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Zentangle - Pen & Ink

Zentangles are right up my alley.  I have been doing Zentangles for the last 2-years and have thoroughly enjoyed creating designs and patterns.  On the other hand, text has been more difficult for me and so, this was a real challenge for me to create.  I have, however, liked the fact that I was pushed beyond my boundaries.  Thank you for the challenge.  Size approximately 9-1/2" x 8-1/2".  All critiques, criticisms and comments welcome.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Challenge 70 - Zentangles & Text

Challenge 70:  Text Inspired By Zentangles        June 22, 2012       Due: June 30, 2012
Host: Meena Schaldenbrand

What are Zentangles????   Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns

For this challenge, create Zentangle inspired text in any size, shape or medium. You could begin with hand written text, computer fonts, rubberstamps, or decorative letters and fill in with Zentangle inspired designs. Other ideas: your name, monogram, favorite quotation or humor.

Draw, emboss, etch, fuse, piece, appliqué, paint, ink or free motion quilt your Zentangle designs.

Zentangles are patterns usually drawn on 3.5 x 3.5-inch square tiles, but are being used in larger ways in drawings, quilts, decorative clothing and objects:

Strings divide the tile:
List of official tangles and how to:
Daily tangle and how to tangles, lots of freebies:
Weekly challenges:
Zentangle blog: 
Zentangle newsletters:


Works well with Zentangles:
Pens: Pentel gel roller for thicker fabrics, or use micron pens for cottons ironed onto freezer paper. Draw with .01 PEN     Color with .05/ .08                                                             
Oil-base paint pens: Deco-Art, Marvy, Sakura and Sharpie are versatile and can be used on pottery, plastic, metal, even wood.

 Have fun!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Octopus's Garden

18" x 23"

I first thought of doing Maxwell's Silver Hammer -- but I don't like the images from that song!  Octopus's Garden has a much more cheerful image, "knowing you're happy and you're safe!"  And I had just received the background fabric which is a perfect sea bed, so that decided it.

The design decisions included: should the child have trunks?  a pillow?  and does it really matter if the octopus only has seven tentacles?  I decided no on all these points!  I added some glitter on the octopus, to liven him up, and foil on the child, plus a few bubbles on the left, which are hard to see in this photo.  I used up almost all of the background fat quarter, including putting it wrong-side up in the background behind the octopus's head.

This was a fun piece, and even if I'm posting a bit late, I really only got started on it last Wednesday!  I welcome your comments.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

It Was A Musical Year

"When I'm 64" is a great little song, full of visual imagery. I chose these lines from the first stanza:..."Will you still be sending me a valentine, birthday greetings, bottle of wine?" I love the whimsy of this song! Anyway, the background is a collaged mishmash of acrylic paint, ink, torn wrapping tissue and pattern paper. It also has a layer of textured organza fused over the top. All the other elements are layered and fused. The label on the wine bottle is zentangled; both the bottle and wine glass have acrylic painted details. Note the date on the neck of the bottle - appropriate, don't you think?!
My quilt measures 19"w x 21" and hasn't yet been quilted because I am about to run out of time - the hubby and I are leaving for a Mediterranean cruise in less than a week!