Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ann In Zen

Tangling is addictive! I spent several hours yesterday and quite a few more today working on this tangle. It was a lot of fun finding patterns that would work well in the area around my name. I don't know what I will do with my "masterpiece", but it sure was fun creating it. It is almost 8.5" x 11". ANN in Fallbrook, CA


Meena said...

The lovely font of your name in the negative space looks great contrasting with the beautiful zentangles

fastfriday said...

I too immediately noticed the negative space of your name and how well it was set off by the detailed tangles behind it, which almost look like rolling hills or waves. Ticia

Catherine Lewis said...

This is very pretty Ann! Like the others I love how your name is set off by the wonderful tangles behind it!

Joni said...

Great font, lovely tangles... your masterpiece should be framed! Zentangles look great with a black matte! I often like to add color to mine with a fine tipped marker or watercolor.