Monday, June 25, 2012


I began my zentangle design by drawing one in the original size format of 3 1/2" square.  What started out loopy ended as a bird.  I scanned the image into the computer where I flipped, slid, turned, etc., until I ended with a design I liked.  I printed it out onto fabric, frayed the edges, and fused it to the background.  I chose those wild fabrics because they resembled some zentangle designs.  Using invisible thread I quilted some on the zentangle design, the background, and then the border.  The finished size is 13 1/2" square.


Meena said...

What a wonderful bird! Love the process of how you turned a 3 1/2" paper Zentangle into a 13 1/2" quilt!

fastfriday said...

Such an interesting way to interpret Zentangle in fabric. I really like the small bird, he looks warrior-like. Ticia

Catherine Lewis said...

Cool! Wish I had thought of using my b/w fabric that resembles zentangle
Really love the bird design in the center :-)