Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Live Life by Inspiring Others to Fly

This was an incredible challenge -I had never heard of ZenTangles,  I love to doodle, this was fun/ the doodling part of " Live Life by Inspiring Others to Fly  " was done on a piece gloss photo paper. The fabric is Timeless Treasures, Confucius  Quotes. I purchased this at The International Quilt Show in Cincinnati, Ohio  a few months ago. It was one of those I 
had to have it moments:)

 Susan Ward AKA SusanPI2


Meena said...

I like that you combined paper and fabric. There seems to be a black outline around the paper. Did you couch a yarn around it to attatch?

fastfriday said...

This is piece seems so free - just like the "flying" inspiration. Nicely done. Ticia

Catherine Lewis said...

This is such a fun piece :-) I like how you added the paper with the fabric and love that fabric!