Saturday, June 30, 2012


Here is my entry. It's an 8.5" square of computer paper. I used a BIC fine point Mark-It and a Pilot V Ball fine point pen to do it. I do wish I had chosen a different, lighter background for the upper right corner but it was too late once I started..LOL
I made up a few, and used a few "official" patterns. Already I can see that this could become an addiction. I had something else I was going to do for this, but I had started fooling around with the L in this one and was liking it so decided to go with it.
The scanner didn't do a good job of copying my cat and bird tracks, but overall I am pretty happy with this and enjoyed doing it!


fastfriday said...

Your tangles flow beautifully into each other. The L is very graceful and generally contrasts nicely with the background. Ticia

Catherine Lewis said...

Thanks Ticia, I made one mistake when I was doing the over and under with the C and the L which I didn't notice until too late but oh well..LOL

Ann In Fallbrook, CA said...

This is fabulous, and I don't think anyone has noticed your over and under problem. BTW, do't call it a mistake, think of it as a design opportunity!