Saturday, June 30, 2012


I finally finished my "Beatles" Quilt , a month late :-(...Oh well, better late than never, yes?

The Beatles 'song' I chose has no lyrics.  It is from Yellow submarine..."Sea of Holes".

I used cotton for the base, silver lame for the main shapes (foreground), and many different sheers for all the shading.  The bright colors are all from one piece of  my hand dyed fabric.  Free motion quilted.  Metal decorative rivets applied.

It measures 22"x15 1/2"

LOVE the Beatles!!!  good challenge...
Comments and suggestions gratefully received,

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Julia in NZ said...

A very thought-provoking quilt, Cherie. I like the lame effect and the rivets. There is a wave-like movement going on behind the portholes, yet it is entirely abstract. You are not the last, as I still have mine to finish - and it was my challenge!