Sunday, July 08, 2012

Zentangle Scissors Case

I found some fabric in my stash that already looked like a Zentangle. I printed out "Quilting" on paper, put the zentangle fabric behind some black fabric, placed the paper on top of both pieces of fabric and outlined the word by stitching around the letters with white thread. I then trimmed awaybthe paper and the black fabric from the letters allowing the zentangles fabric to show through. I then added batting and another piece of fabric. Using black thread, I did an applique stitch around the letters. I then filled in the spaces around the lettering with decorative stitches. Using the zentangle fabric, I added a piece of batting and folded the fabric in half and did quilting stitches to hold all layers together. Placing the two pieces of fabric with right sides together I stitched them together in the shape of my quilting scissors. This was a fun way to fulfill the challenge requirements and to make some functional, as well. I did do some zentangle doodling on paper, which was fun, too. Thanks for the fun Challenge.

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