Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Leap of Leaping Leopards

I'm usual...but at least I've finally been able to complete one! YAY!  I originally intended to do a school of fish with a design that I developed during Elizabeth Barton's Quilt University class, "Inspired to Design."  Although it wasn't terribly original in the first place, when Ann Ruthsdottir posted hers, I decided to scrap it.

Instead, I chose to do this Leap of Leopards....and of course they had to be leaping!  It measures 9 1/4" square.  The sun or moon.....I can't decide which I want it to be, is stitched around with a spiral in yellow pearl cotton.  Machine quilted with a yellow/green rayon in the body, and the sky is a blue done in a swirl pattern.


Julia in NZ said...


This has everything - diagonal movement, complementary colours, negative space. And lovely stitching and a fun design! Well executed and well done!

Tobi said...

A Leap of Leopards -- very nice! I find myself looking more at the texture of the grass than the leopards, though, and feel it would be improved if you do more to outline the leopard shapes.

Lisa Broberg Quintana said...

I thought so too, Tobi. I am restricted in my fabric choices as I am presently in Montana.....but, I had thought to add a little white bit to the underbellies which should bring the attention back. I'm going to put it on a background of the same fabric as the grass, and have the half leopard leap out of the background onto the border.