Sunday, September 30, 2012

Green Headed Loopster


Shortly after landing on Planet Loopiland, Spaceship FFFC was greeted by the Green Headed Loopster, the planet’s ambassador.

The Loopster’s “loops” are a different interpretation from the dimensional loops suggested by Cay’s examples. My loops are three layers (2 fabric and 1 fuzzy yarn) rouched and sewn into loops. His head is loops of yarn.

Thanks Cay for a fun challenge forcing us to think outside the box.
Pam Harris


FoulkeArt said...

Very cute! Love the one-eyed creature...

Meena said...

How fun!

fastfriday said...

Nice job Pam. I like the ruched fabric and yarn adds interesting texture, and that button---makes such a great eye!

Cay Denise
(for some reason I can't post so you can see my name)

Linda Mac said...

Love your Green Headed Loopster, and that he is the Planet's ambassador. He really adds to the storyline.
Good color choices too.

Tobi said...

The fun shows through in your loop-de-loop loopster with the loopy head!