Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Day and Night Flip!


Originally, I posted the bottom panel as a standalone image, since I wasn't going to have time to do any creative work this past week due to work-related conferences.  After my return Friday, I completed  two additional panels that I consider valances.  One is for day and the other for night...on Planet Loopiland.  You can flip the panels easily to change one 'time of day' to the other.

My loop element is the hanging system for the panels.  The loops are intertwined.  There are 3 green loops for the day panel; 4 blue/purple loops for the night panel; and 2 larger blue/purple loops for the bottom panel.    

I took photos of this piece last night using a green fabric tube to cover the rod used.  But I think I may remove that fabric tube, because it seems to hold the eye from moving around the entire piece.

All comments welcome!   


fastfriday said...

Great color choices and surface design. Will this be a functional item (day/night bag) when finished? Good job!

Robert Hartley

Linda Mac said...

I like the monoliths rising from the sea. It fits well with the description of Planet Loopiland.

Catherine Lewis said...

Very nice colors and rendering of the planet :-)

Tobi said...

You seem to have three images in one piece, a daytime one, a nighttime one, and if both panels are flipped to the back, there's another. I like the thread lines for the undersea plants.