Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trout Rising

 I know...this is a really bad thing to do...I think. Back a million years ago, in October 2010, the challenge was to use metallic stuff, and or unusual items in our quilts.  I started this...actually working on it during my chemo treatments and Just didn't finish it in time.  I swore I would get it done and I've been catching up on UFOs and I wanted to share this with you.

This is my piece "Trout Rising", showing a trout after it has jumped to catch a caddis fly for dinner.

I machine quilted it with sliver thread, then put layers of over-laid sheers, some with metallic flecks. I gathered the sheers manipulating them by hand.
The trout is painted cotton (painted with Lumiere fabric paints) the dots are washers I've stained with Adirondack Alcohol inks, with a black sequin and a black bead on top.
After assembling it, I then machine quilted once again using a funny bluey-silvery-greyey metallic thread.

Size is 15.5" x 12.5"


Linda Mac said...

I love all the texture you put into this piece. And Congrats for finishing it.

Lisa Quintana said...

Thanks , Linda. Finishing something is always good....and it was great fun to make this. Texture is marvy!