Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Power of One

I have a hard time with these challenges...not thinking too much.   I did a lot of research into Auspicious numbers....and I knew my numerology number from a long time ago, although I haven't checked it recently...I'm pretty sure it was 1.

The number one doesn't really thrill me until I started thinking about the  power of one....then I thought back to my high school days when I sang in a quartet and one of the pieces we used to sing had a lineIt only takes a spark, to get a fire going.
And soon all those around, can warm up it it's glowing."  Of course, in my feeble 50 year old brain, I turned it into a candle...not a candle in the wind, but one lighting the darkness. 

So then I thought about how to show a candle burning in the darkness in a quilt...

So....I got a piece of cotton velveteen because I wanted the background to be deep and luscious  Using a bleach solution,  I discharged the area where I was going to have the flame because the light around the flame makes a kind of a glow.  I then layered some sheers over a white satin flame, and layered more sheers around the white satin candle  to try to show how candle stick changes color as you get farther away from the flame.  Because I was fusing it, it is a little too stark, the change should be a bit more gradual and get deeper as you get farther down the candlestick...I also intended to make some drips out of heat distressed Tyvek...but I couldn't find my heat gun.  

Then....I started wondering about doing it again trying several different types of materials to represent the candle and flame, only using discharged Kona cotton....So...I got sucked into this...and it wasn't until Tobi emailed me today that I realized....I had to get off my duff and post this one. 

I outline quilted the flame and the candlestick....and then put some more echo into the discharged part...but no more quilting as I didn't want to disrupt the smooth black of the velveteen.

I am afraid I constantly get sucked into these challenges and often don't post because I haven't finished them....Fast? Hmmmm....Friday? Definitely not!  However, I am working on finishing the pile of challenges I have partially done...I have to get over that and stop thinking...Anyone else have this problem???? 


Tobi said...

So glad you posted this, late or not! The single candle lighting the darkness is a powerful symbol, and your use of the white satin and the discharge around it really works well.

fastfriday said...

Sometimes you just can't rush the process. This is a wonderful representation of the number 1. You really captured the essence of candlelight, and that's not easy to do. Great use of technique with the bleach.

The transition in shading on the candlestick doesn't bother me, but if it's a concern for you, you might try a white coloring pencil to enhance the gradation in the area where the fabrics overlap causing the line.

Robert Hartley

Lisa Quintana said...

Good comment, Robert. Actually, I tried to use a Shiva paint stick as I thought the luminous quality might help it, but it didn't look so hot with the net overlays. I am working on the other cotton ones to try out other techniques and to refine the process, so more suggestions are greatly appreciated.

ann said...

LOVE the discharge on velvet. I have used velvet sparingly. I always fall in love with the piece when I do. GREAT JOB!

Linda Mac said...

Great idea using the velvet and discharge. Very nice.