Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Here is my piece for this challenge, and a quote from my Alaska Journal:
July 29 2000
"As we drove down the road we passed a huge hanging glacier; then just the
other side of the pass...Worthington Glacier! We were able to walk right up
to it and could have actually climbed on it, if it were safe. There were
great gaping ice caves beneath it...you could see deep into the heart of the
glacier. The color inside was a deep lovely blue. The glacier was "ice
blue", excepting the leading edge, or 'face', which was black with rocks,
dirt and debris picked up on its slow, steady flow downhill."

The sky is hand  dyed cotton, with deconstructed poly batting overlay for extra clouds.  The mountain and glacier is several different sheers and two different colors of cellophane, one teal and the other aurora borealis, behind different sheers.  The 'dirt and rocks' are lace overlay.  The top edges of the ice is painted with a white shimmer fabric paint.  I used a soft mauve tulle over all allow quilting.

It is finished with facing and measures 19 1/2"x 22"

I am happy to have my 'Muse' back, and Loved this challenge Lisa!

I would love your comments and critiques...


Ann In Fallbrook, CA said...

Wow Cherie! It's wonderful. I especially like the circle quilting. It adds depth as well as texture.

Peggi Yac said...

Having walked on 2 glaciers, I know how real yours looks. You did a terrific job capturing the rugged beauty and lovely ice blue colors.

Lisa Quintana said...

Well done! I've been thinking about doing a glacier for a while and y ou really captured this....and got the texture across!

Glad you enjoyed it. Keep that muse cooking!

FoulkeArt said...

You achieved so much with your fabric choices and paints. The effect is excellent!

Louise said...

A wonderfully textured piece achieved through some interesting techniques. It is great to see how innovative people can be. Your piece is beautiful and a joy to look at! Great work.

ann said...

STUNNING! I can almost feel the texture from here. I will imagine you will have a problem with people touching it. Perhaps you might post a sign nearby, "Please do not fondle the art quilts".

Tobi said...

Great job with the texture - it makes me shiver just looking at it! I like your use of sheers, cellophane and lace.

fastfriday said...

Cherie, your creativity never ceases to amaze me. I, too, have walked on a glacier, and you certainly have done a wonderful interepretation of the real thing. Great job! Pam Clark

CD MacKenzie said...

Cherie, this is a very nice use/combination of the sheer fabrics to create depth and texture. I like the lace overlay that you used though I think there could be additional layering if it in the lower right (to darken that area and add to the sense of depth). I find it hard to 'see' fabrics that can interpret snow and water...so your 'eye' is most discerning and your fabric choices excellent!