Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fast Fused French Door

I started this yesterday, and although I love the fabrics,  I am a little disappointed at how it turned out.  

I based the quilt (9" x 12") on a photograph I took about 10 years ago in France.  I think the photo was a little off kilter, and I had problems with perspective on the quilt.  However,  the Stonehenge fabrics turned out to be perfect for the weathered stone on the building.

I also like the complementary colors of the door and door frame, and I think the door provides the "contrast" that was part of the challenge.

I consider this a learning experience, and I would welcome any suggestions.

Marilyn Foulke
Louisville, KY


fastfriday said...

You picked the perfect fabrics and captured the essence of the doorway. The actual perspective in the original picture is challenging, but that seems to be part of the underlying theme of this challenge -- how we see windows and doors and how they impact our thoughts or perceptions (or perspective) about what's behind them -- so thank you for sharing from yours!

Robert Hartley

Louise said...

I agree, the fabric is wonderful for depicting your photo. Stonehenge is a very versatile fabric to work with. I think that adding some shadowing on the door and maybe painting some of the green/rust color on the walls would add more depth to the piece. The perspective seems to add interest to the piece in my eyes. What a great photo and piece!

Susan B said...

What an absolutely wonderful inspiration photo! I think your quilt captures its essence. I like that you took the idea of contrast into your use of color and worked with a complementary color scheme.

I love what you have done. I agree with Louise. On the one hand, I would love to see some of that green and rust on the wall from the original. Some tulle overlay springs to mind.

On the other hand, you made excellent use of the Stonehenge fabrics, and this piece can stand on its own without any further enhancements.

CD MacKenzie said...

I agree with your self-critique of the piece, and your ability to honestly analyze the work.

Your fabric choices are very well-suited to replicating the source photo!

I can see the challenge with the perspective. You may have already figured out what to do to remedy it, if you want to actually replicate the perspective too. But Robert makes a very good point above.

That said Marilyn, I think you've done an admirable job because it is not an easy source inspiration to try to interpret.

Tobi said...

If you look at the photo, you can tell it was not taken exactly straight on, because the vertical lines are a bit off -- and you duplicated that in your quilt, though you do not show the depth of the doorway. That being said, you still have done well with the wall texture, and can regard it at least as a learning experience.