Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mixed Media Response

This piece took on a Valentine's theme and is a mixed media challenge response on stretched canvas.  Elements include beading, leather, embossed metallic tape, ribbon, paint, alcohol inks, stamping, glitter and a variety of pen work.  I had planned to do some machine sewing (couching) but ended up not being able to fit the canvas under the needle/presser foot to do so.  So, the piece took off in a very different direction than originally envisioned.  The beading design is based on an altered photo of a tree trunk.  The writing is 'life with magic' (repeated).



Cherie in Del Mar said...

Oh, this is so very interesting to study,Cay Denise! The dimension and textures are outstanding (pun intended). I love the colors, and everything about it! Lovely beading.

Lisa Quintana said...

I really got a giggle about your eyes on the bottom! It sure looks like you had fun.

Tobi said...

Indeed, a fun piece, from the googly eyes to bigger eye with its eyelashes to the various hearts. The beading creates a wonderful texture.