Sunday, February 24, 2013

Whoohoo...response to Challenge #78 completed!

Portal of the Nobles
(Inspiration Photo)

Thank you for this most enjoyable challenge, Susan!

My first step was to go through oodles of travel photos to find doors and doorways until I found this inspiration photo (a door in Scotland).  Then I made templates for certain elements and auditioned lots of fabrics (especially background fabrics) to see how contrast could be achieved in the piece.

The background I chose is a lovely sheet of fiber paper (overlaid on a piece of white cotton fabric) that I found at a local art store recently.  It sewed through beautifully!

As always, comments welcome!


Susan B said...

What an amazing door to inspire you! You have convincingly extracted the shapes for your source piece and made the work for you. The added colors are well thought out. The orange shapes mirror the staining on the original. The wood grain quilting reminds us of the original door. Well done. I love seeing everyone's different interpretations!

Louise said...

Your piece has lots of texture and dimension to it. I really appreciate your use of color which adds a lot of interest. How did you do the lion in the corner? A job well done!

CD MacKenzie said...

Louise, the lion is made of a purple and gold cotton print. I used a paper template of the lion's shape and draw it in reverse on the back side of the fabric. Fusible web was then used to adhere it to the background fabric. I also added stitching for the lion's face and to highlight the crown.

fastfriday said...

Good use of the imagery. It has that great pen & ink, retro illustration look -- which I love, since that's my era. I like your color choices and execution.

Robert Hartley

ann said...

Very lively. Wonderful piece.

Tobi said...

I like the wood grain that your background fiber paper imparts - or maybe it's quilting lines. The orange shapes and the pink circles both puzzled me, though I can see in reference to your photo that the orange is an accentuation of the weathering of the wood.