Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Window of Imagination

I improvised this window from somewhere in my imagination. More accurate details would have been caught with a reference photograph, but I wanted to use the challenge theme to let the window open a door to imagination. I went for a painterly, impressionistic approach, so it’s not meant to be exact. In fact, the lines are hardly straight and things are rather askew, but I’m generally satisfied with the results.

Glass and reflections are so tricky to replicate. That’s where a reference photo would have helped. I think there should somehow be more life and light radiating from inside the window, but I’m not sure how to go about that.
I chose the yellow border thinking it would accentuate the window frame, but seeing it finished I’m now questioning that choice and considering changing the yellow border with a paint finish or other approach. Feedback is welcomed.
The piece is 11”x13.5”

Robert Hartley


Jan said...

I think you've chosen your fabrics well to depict glass reflections and the patterned darks and lights make the area around the window seem like a stuccoed wall. I also like the imagery of the window being the door to your thoughts. Nice job!

Susan B said...

I cannot help but echo what Jan said. I do love that you used the challenge to open the door to your imagination. I could not ask for a better interpretation than that. I love the bright, pure colors. I think the reflections are excellent.

I would hardly have guessed that you you had no reference photo because both the window and the flower pot are so well executed.

The yellow border is not bad, but I think that once you called my attention to it, I became aware of the intensity of the color and the lack of visual texture of the solid fabric. It actually speaks to contrast. We get a strong contrast between the flat border and the highly textured center. It sounds like it remains to be determined if that is a contrast you want to emphasize.

FoulkeArt said...

I like the combination of realism and fantasy, and I like the fabrics used to achieve this balance.

The window and flowers are very "painterly" and the yellow border enhances the use of yellow on the frame and around the window. This is a very appealing piece. Marilyn Foulke

Louise said...

A very nice piece. Did you piece/collage the background fabric. I also like the the reflection in the windows, but if you are not completely happy, maybe you could add some organza to accentuate the panes. I like how the window is placed above center on the piece. Maybe you could add more quilting in the yellow frame with a colored/varigated thread to break up all of the yellow and blend it more with the window. I really like the fabric which you used on the window sashing.

ann said...

That is a work of art. I love all that you did. I especially like that you framed your wonderful door piece in fabric. I have tried that. It is much easier to just put it in a frame. The 'crumbling paint' showing the stone work below is really lovely. The colors excite me.

CD MacKenzie said...

Robert, such a nice job especially in creating light/reflection from your imagination rather than a source photo!

I actually like the yellow border with the black fabric strip frame. It draws my eye into the central image, as if it was a portal as well.

Your fabric collage choices are exciting too. I especially like the blue used for the light/reflection in the window and the fun window frame colors.

You mention thinking there should somehow be more life/light radiating from inside the window. Why? On a bright day outside, looking into a window,are you going to see much inside that window?

What I do experience is the light traveling from the upper right to lower left quadrants of the window. In a different piece, you might want to consider increasing the size of the light blue in the upper right or decreasing the size of the light blue in the lower left quadrant...for perspective.

But there is nothing that needs to be changed in this piece...unless you decide you need to do that. Great job!

Tobi said...

I find this piece works very well. I am not sure it needs the outer yellow frame, which creates for me the effect of a window within a window. Possibly a darker yellow in a narrower border would pull less attention away from the window; you could experiment with that in a photo editor or simply laying something over to visually crop the border.

I like the color combinations and the pattern that is partly on the wall and partly in the window.