Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Book cover for Bridges of Madison County.  I tweaked it a bit from the photo posted in Yahoo Groups.  I know my focal point is too centered.  Tried to offset that by adding the bright flowers on the left. Maybe cropping away some of the left side would also help. 
I have not participated for a long time.  Tobi gave me a push, so I'm back.  I DO love challenges, but you know how life gets in the way. 

Karol Kusmaul
Inverness, fL


Tobi said...

While the bridge entrance is almost centered, the fact that it extends back somewhat mitigates that. Cropping both edges, the left a bit more than the right, would balance the picture somewhat. And add a couple more butterflies! I like the overall texture.

fastfriday said...

Very nice depth that you've created with the two flower print fabrics to the left of the pathway. It suggests a real sense that someone has walked through the flower patch and left a trail. Did you use photos printed on fabric in this piece?