Thursday, August 22, 2013

Challenge #84: What Goes Around Comes Around

Host: Tobi Hoffman

Due: August 31, 2013

Theme:  Exploring the Circle

Design Element: Circles and arcs.  The circles can be part of the fabric patterns, actual full circles, and/or the quilting pattern.  Let them overlap as much as you want, or make concentric circles or offset concentric circles.  You can distort them or use ovals, particularly where perspective might show circles from the side.

Style: Aim for a pictorial or symbolic quilt rather than just a repetitive pattern containing circles as in traditional quilts.  Mandala patterns are acceptable, but try to get away from the traditional. 

The Circle, The Wheel of Fortune & The Rose Window

Circle Symbolism

Circle Symbols - What Do They Mean?

Mandala Symbolism:


And maybe not directly relevant, but fascinating (meaning, I couldn’t resist):
Mysterious Underwater ‘Crop Circles’ Discovered Off the Coast of Japan

Examples in art:
The Giving Circle, by Lorraine Landroche

Lucina Lighting the Way, by Mary Veneecke

My Dresden, by Anita Peluso

Art Made Entirely of Circles by Ben Heine

Megan Aroon Duncanson

And above all, have FUN with this!

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